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How To Avoid Cucumber Beetle Damage

If just I can scrub a magic watering can and also have a yard genie bulge! My very first dream would certainly be to clear my yard of the candy striped cucumber beetle and also its relative, the seen cucumber beetle. Over the years, cucumber beetle damage has actually desecrated even more of my cucurbit plants than all various other yard bugs integrated. This stunning duo is the factor I wasn’t able to gather cucumbers and also make pickles for numerous years straight.

Cucumber Beetle Damage

Weather plays an essential duty in growing the yard in my location. If I plant prematurely, I risk of shedding tender vegetable plants to a late frost. If I plant far too late, long-season plants won’t have time to get to maturation. This provides me regarding a three-week growing home window.

Coincidentally, this 3 week duration, which lasts from completion of May up until mid-June, is when the candy striped and also seen cucumber beetle proactively companion in my area. Year after year, I would certainly plant cucurbit seed and also wait for germination. As they grew from the ground, my cucumber and also squash plants would certainly show up healthy and balanced and also would certainly expand promptly.

Then relatively over night, the fallen leaves on my cucurbits would certainly shrivel. A fast check of the dirt exposed adequate wetness, however within days, the entire spot would certainly pass away. Worse yet, the perpetrators never ever troubled hiding. Spotted or candy striped cucumber beetle grownups can be located creeping over the fallen leaves, creeping plants and also blossoms with their teasing six-legged stride. 

Like their name recommends, the grown-up candy striped cucumber beetle is noted with yellow and also black red stripes, while the seen cucumber beetle sporting activities a yellow abdominal area with black places. Both have to do with ¼ inch or 6 mm. long. Cucumber beetle damage from grownups is seen generally over ground. Their worm-like larvae stay in the dirt and also assault the origins of cucumber, squash, pumpkin and also watermelon plants.

Home Remedies for Cucumber Beetles

Like numerous garden enthusiasts, I expand a yard to offer healthy and balanced food for my household, so chemical war in the vegetable beds isn’t a method I take. Yet, I recognized if I ever before intended to have self-made pickles once again, I required to carry out some kind of cucumber beetle control.

As I looked for natural home remedy for cucumber beetles, it promptly emerged that I would certainly require a calculated strategy of assault. This implies performing cucumber beetle control by very first learning more about the opponent. As with all bugs, the extra we understand regarding their life process, the much better we can beat them making use of non-chemical methods.

So right here are some all-natural approaches for fighting cucumber beetles, which is based upon their life process:

  • Adult cucumber beetles overwinter in the yard dirt. Cleaning off the yard in the autumn and also farming subjects them to the components.
  • If their preferred plants aren’t conveniently offered when they arise, grown-up beetles won’t remain in the yard. Start cucurbits inside and also transplant right into the yard after mating period. For me, this is from mid- to late June. 
  • Rotate plants whenever feasible. I’ve had success expanding cucurbits in containers making use of fresh dirt yearly.
  • Try buddy growing with tansy or nasturtium. Or utilize the fallen leaves of these plants as compost around the base of prone cucurbits to hinder cucumber beetles from laying their eggs there.

You can additionally handpick the beetles from plants or utilize row covers to safeguard the creeping plants, however I’ve had extra success with cucumber beetle control by merely outmaneuvering the little buggers.

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