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If you have given an option to choose form 44 Pry Bars then what you will choose? Won’t it be too confusing and hectic to get the best out of it? I feel your pain my friend and so after a long hours of research me and my team discovered 10 Best Pry Bars which will help choose the best one for you.

During the research we have to check every minute details like quality, reviews, recommendation, price, features and many other details. Hence it become very tough for us to deliver top products recommendtaion. But you do not have to worry, because we compile the whole list and sort out the best on the top. So, if you do not have time to go though each product one by one then you may choose Marshalltown The Premier Line and ends your search here.

If you want to give another thought then check out Tekton Angled Tip Handled, though it is not on the top of the list but still if you are looking for something which is high rated as well as budget friendly then surely go for it.

And if you are like me and want to check out each and every recommendations then have a look below for all Best Pry Bars.

Our Picked 10 Best Pry Bars in 2020

1 1 Marshalltown The Premier Line
  • 9.8

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2 2 Tekton Angled Tip Handled
  • 9.6

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3 3 Gearwrench 48 Extendable Indexing
  • 9.6

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4 4 Titan 17005 2Piece Stainless
  • 9.6

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5 5 Sunex 9804 Rolling Head
  • 9.4

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6 6 Mayhew 61366 Dominator Pry
  • 9.4

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7 7 Crescent 44 Indexing Deck
  • 9.4

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8 8 Craftsman 3 Piece Curved
  • 9.2

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9 9 Pry Bar Set Heavy
  • 9.0

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10 10 Abn 4 Piece Pry
  • 8.8

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1. Marshalltown The Premier Line

Marshalltown Company is more than a manufacturer of premium quality trowels.

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2. Tekton Angled Tip Handled

Set Includes:.

  • Sharpened chisel end wedges into tight spaces
  • Generously sized textured poly handle offers a comfortable, nonslip grip
  • Steel striking cap allows pry bar tip to be driven into place with a hammer
  • Made from stout 3/8 inch square bar stock that won’t easily flex or twist

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    3. Gearwrench 48 Extendable Indexing

    This 48-Inch extendable pry bar is the largest in the indexing pry bar series from GearWrench.

  • Prying head has 14 locking positions via a patented radial locking mechanism
  • Extends from 29 Inch to 48 Inch using a push button to extend reach
  • Grooved profile on prying head adds traction
  • Exceeds ANSI pry bar requirements for proven strength

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    4. Titan 17005 2Piece Stainless

    Titan Tool’s 17005 2-Piece Set includes (1) 7-1/4-Inch and (1) 9-1/4-Inch Stainless Steel Pry Bar Scraper.

  • Feature a nail puller, razor sharp scraper edge, and an angled edge for pulling and prying
  • Angled edge is ideal for pulling apart walls, prying off moldings, tiles, wood slats, and removing baseboards and trims; angled end is designed with a chiseled edge so it can wedge into tight spaces
  • Razor-sharp scraper edge is perfect for removing caulk, adhesives, paint and residue from glass, metal, and hard surfaces
  • Constructed with high quality stainless steel that will prevent corrosion and rusting, sturdy stem won’t bend or crack during use

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    5. Sunex 9804 Rolling Head

    Prybars have rolling-head/hook end and pointed end design.

  • Includes: 6″, 12″, 16″ and 20″
  • Machined and hardened tips

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    6. Mayhew 61366 Dominator Pry

    The Dominator line is the workhorse of the MayhewPro Series.

  • Patented, two-composite, ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortable and secure grip and is oil, solvent, and temperature resistant
  • Metal striking cap at the end of the handle is in direct contact with the shaft allowing the user to strike the tool without damaging the handle
  • Black oxide finish for additional rust protection
  • Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty

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    7. Crescent 44 Indexing Deck

    Professionals and DIYers can count on the new Bull bar from Crescent for all their deck projects.

  • Double fork design provides balanced Lift on both sides of the nail. Boards are removed faster, cleaner and with less effort
  • Rugged indexing joint allows for maximum flexibility and increased leverage
  • Patent Pending center nail puller offering better balance and more leverage
  • Precision tips designed for fast access between boards and reduced damage for reclaiming materials
  • Gripping teeth on forks assist in preventing board slippage
  • Dimensions: 44in x 5. 5in x 2in (L x W x H)

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    8. Craftsman 3 Piece Curved

    Add the Right Leverage to Your Tool Box With This 3-Piece Handle Pry Bar Set with Strike Cap Built to withstand tough lifting, each pry bar in this Craftsman Pry Bar Set can assist you with prying and moving objects.

  • Ergonomically Designed Handles For Comfort And Secure Grip
  • Hardened And Tempered For Strength and Durability

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    9. Pry Bar Set Heavy

  • Comfortable and long handle with build-in strike cap allows pry bar to be hit with a hammer
  • Hardened and tempered for strength and durability
  • Blackened finish chrome vanadium steel shafts that won’t easily flex
  • Heavy duty design

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    10. Abn 4 Piece Pry

  • Any Space or Angle: Sharpened, bevel-end angled tips slip into tight spots
  • Oversized Handle: Mechanic’s-style handles for sure grip
  • Protective finish: Black oxide finish for protection and aesthetics
  • Contains: (1) 8-inch, (1) 12-inch, (1) 18-inch, and (1) 24-inch pry bar

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    Final Words!

    Well, there you have it, folks. These are the top 10 Best Pry Bars available today. No product may be perfect, but it may be perfect for you. Surely all of the products are great and buying Best Pry Bars is a good investment. But some parameters like price, model, quality and overall use may differ from person to person. Which is why you need to narrow down your choices based on your preferences.

    Making a good choice today means you don’t regret tomorrow. Once you make an informed choice, you needn’t worry about the outcome as you are prepared for any consequence. We have narrowed down some of the best choices of all time. All you have to do is see which is the right fit for you based on your requirements.

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