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Shop till you drop! Well, not necessarily as you don’t have to exhaust yourself while shopping. That is because we’ve already done all the groundwork for you. The best way to find out the top 10 Best Pallet Pullers is by going through our list!

Getting a new Pallet Pullers requires some thought. And we only want the best for you. We’ve scanned through hundreds of reviews and found some of the Best Pallet Pullers in the market today so that you wouldn’t have to, and we came up with these results.

Our Picked 10 Best Pallet Pullers in 2020

1 1 Bestequip 1T Pallet Puller
  • 9.8

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2 2 Pit Bull Chic3960 2000Lb
  • 9.6

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3 3 Heavy Duty Steel Pallet
  • 9.6

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4 4 United Pacific 90010 Chrome
  • 9.6

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5 5 Air Locker Ap700 Heavy
  • 9.6

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6 6 Duckbill Deck Wrecker
  • 9.6

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7 7 Tuffiom 44Inch Pallet Buster
  • 9.4

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8 8 Vestil SkbDlx Deluxe Steel
  • 9.4

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9 9 Crescent 11 Nail Puller
  • 9.4

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10 10 Bisupply Pallet Buster Tool
  • 9.2

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1. Bestequip 1T Pallet Puller

  • 【SOLID STEEL CONSTRUCTION 】- Solid steel structure with a powder coat finish, high strength, strong toughness, corrosion resistance, not easy to lose paint, compact and light weight, sturdy and durable, safe and reliable.
  • 【CONVEX TEETH CLAMP HEAD】- 10 steel convex teeth on either side of jaw can easily grab pallets, strong occlusal degree, not easy to fall off. The jaws can open up to 4″ wide. It has a pulling capacity of 1 Ton/ 2205 lb.
  • 【PREMIUM NUT & END LOOP】- Three anti-skid nuts fixing, can be arbitrarily changed to adjust the use, more convenient and fast. The premium American arched end loop can connect to a chain or strap, safe and solid.
  • 【HIGH VISIBILITY】- The pallet paller comes in a bright red color for best visibility against your other parts and tools. Vibrant color allows you to spot the puller across your workshop or warehouse and against any background.

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    2. Pit Bull Chic3960 2000Lb

    Capacity: 2000 lbs.

  • Maximum jaw width: 5″
  • Fits 1-1/2″ space pallet

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    3. Heavy Duty Steel Pallet

    The ikris Heavy Duty Steel Pallet Buster is the perfect addition to warehouse, maintenance, and construction facilities.

  • Articulating Head prevents splitting and breaking boards
  • Industrial-Grade Steel Construction and Robust Enamel Paint Coat
  • Great for reclaimed pallet furniture and DIY projects!
  • Each ikris Pallet Buster comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are always available to help our customers- our customer service record is unparalleled!

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    4. United Pacific 90010 Chrome

    Long 5th wheel pin puller allows you to release the king pin.

  • Chrome Finish
  • 1″ Dia. x 5″ Long Handle 3/8″ Dia. Pole

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    5. Air Locker Ap700 Heavy

  • Operating Pressure: 80-120 PSI
  • Driver Diameter: 0.16 inch
  • Removable Nails Range: 10-20 gauge

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    6. Duckbill Deck Wrecker

    It’s no secret that demolition can take longer than building the replacement.

  • DISMANTLE DECKS, DOCKS, AND PALLETS IN SECONDS: The ultimate demolition tool and pallet buster.
  • NO MATCH: An old fashion heavy duty pry bar, nail puller or crowbar are no match for the Duckbill Deck Wrecker.
  • EASY TO USE: Work from standing position, not on your knees.
  • VERSATILE: Head rotates to allow working close to structure.

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    7. Tuffiom 44Inch Pallet Buster

  • ✅ ERGONOMIC HANDLE: LONGER padded anti-slip grip provides MORE COMFORT compared with others. Length of padded grip: 5.3’’.
  • ✅ FREE NAIL PULLER INCLUDED: Multiple purpose nail remover helps remove the nails before demolishing pallets, which prevents the woods from broken. Ideal for pallet furniture projects.
  • ✅ TOUGH: Made of premium iron frame, the pry bar is heavy duty and built for long-lasting use. Weight: 15.7lbs.
  • ✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: 12-month hassle-free manufacturer’s warranty; free lifetime technical support. US Local Stock and Local Shipment via FedEx/ UPS/ USPS promise instant delivery.

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    8. Vestil SkbDlx Deluxe Steel

    The Deluxe Pallet Buster is designed for easily disassembling pallets.

  • Articulating head won’t break or split the wood
  • Features durable construction for added strength and long life
  • Can also be used for dock board removal

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    9. Crescent 11 Nail Puller

    The Crescent CODE RED Nail Pulling Pliers are designed to pull nails in a variety of work environments.

  • Unlimited flexibility allows user to easily extract nails regardless of size or if head of nail is damaged or removed
  • The durability of forged steel head and handles create a durable tool with rubber grips for comfort and control
  • Dual handles make it quick and easy to grip, roll, and remove nails or staples
  • Check out the full line of CODE RED Demolition/Renovation tools from Crescent

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    10. Bisupply Pallet Buster Tool

    Tearing pallets apart the old-fashioned and frustrating way by hand is a tough job that results in even your best boards breaking, splintering, and splitting.

  • PERFECT SIZE: For standard pallets; Pallet ripper can straddle a board up to 3.6 inches (9.4cm) wide; 3-5/8 inch inside diameter (ID) between pallet pry bar legs; To remove boards on narrowly-spaced pallet planks, this pallet breaker tool includes leveling-type heads with a rocker design to successfully reach between the planks; You can also remove the end plank by using another pallet or spare wood as a brace
  • GRIP COMFORTABLY: Save your back, your arms, and your sanity with this pallet pry bar tool as it has an extra-long handle to efficiently transfer leverage; 41-inch (104.1cm) overall shaft length with 4-inch x 1.5-inch (10.2cm x 3.8cm) rubber grip end cap
  • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed from solid steel with a powder coat finish for maximum strength and longevity that resists corrosion; Save time and prevent splitting wood with this pallet removal tool
  • EASY TO USE: If you are working on one end of a pallet, face the pallet disassembly tool legs towards the other end, and pull the pallet crowbar shaft upwards; Pulling in improper direction can cause pallet wrecker to lift pallet

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    Final Words!

    We hope our List narrowed down some of your options and at least cleared a few of your doubts. Before you make your pick, here are some of our picks based on best price- Bestequip 1T Pallet Puller, most popular- Pit Bull Chic3960 2000Lb and best features- Heavy Duty Steel Pallet.

    The way to move forward from here is to see which Pallet Pullers best suits your need. Before making an investment, be sure to go through all the details and fine print. Make sure that all the desired features are available in the Pallet Pullers. That’s all folks! We hope we’ve helped you make a decision.

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