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Here, we’ll review the top 10 Best Dodgeballs on the market today. We’ll provide an overview of what is good and not-so-good about each case, and we’ve provided a range of economic and excellent Best Dodgeballs. In case, if you are in hurry this is the Best Dodgeballs on Amazon

We spent 31 hours to find a best option for you and it is a SS Worldwide Gator Skin, which comes with all amazing features you ever want. It is the Best Dodgeballs available in the market today. However, if you don’t want to spend big amount on Dodgeballs, then you should go with Gosports Soft Touch Foam which comes with all the basic features one could expect in Dodgeballs.

To help you in your search, we have sorted this list of the Best Dodgeballs.

Our Picked 10 Best Dodgeballs

1 1 SS Worldwide Gator Skin
  • 9.6

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2 2 Gosports Soft Touch Foam
  • 9.6

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3 3 Gosports Inflatable Dodgeball No
  • 9.4

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4 4 Champion Sports Rhino Skin
  • 9.2

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5 5 Champion Sports Rhino Skin
  • 9.0

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6 6 Franklin Sports Playground Balls
  • 8.6

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7 7 Ifavor123 Multi Color Mini
  • 8.4

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8 8 Mikasa Official Rubber Dodgeball
  • 8.2

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9 9 Champion Sports Rhino Playground
  • 7.8

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10 10 Voit Playground Ball
  • 7.4

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1. SS Worldwide Gator Skin

Our best-selling Gator Skin Dodgeballs in an exciting 6-color set! Bright 6″-diameter dodgeballs feature a soft, 25kg-per-meter cube foam density.

  • NO STING! SOFT FOAM CONSTRUCTION: No more tears from stinging hits! Allows everyone to get in on the action!
  • DURABLE AND VIRTUALLY TEAR-PROOF: The fun won’t be interrupted by a torn or popped ball, as Gator Skin dodgeballs are made to last and require no inflation.
  • LIGHT AND EASY TO GRIP: Each foam ball weighs 120 grams and is surrounded by a tactile, non-sting coating that makes them easy to grip for even the smallest hands!
  • PERFECT FOR TONS OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY GAMES: Whether it’s PE Class, Camp or a Birthday Party, Gator Skin is the safest way to play dodgeball! It’s great for throwing, catching, target and parachute games!

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    2. Gosports Soft Touch Foam

    Here’s why kids and adults love the sting free surface! The GoSports Elephant Skin Dodgeball (not real elephant skin) uses incredible play and safety technology to remove the “sting” you typically get with a regular dodgeball and let’s everyone join on the fun.

  • No-sting Surface: Unlike typical rubber balls, the surface of these balls does not sting on impact – great for all ages
  • Latex-free: Made from durable tear resistant material, similar to gator or rhino skin, that holds up against extended use both indoors and outdoors
  • Storage Bag Included: Heavy duty mesh carry bag for easy portability and neat storage
  • Sizes: Youth small size 6″ diameter; Adult leagues (14+) 7″ diameter recommended for indoor and outdoor use

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    3. Gosports Inflatable Dodgeball No

  • No sting surface: The balls are made from a special blend of rubber that makes them much softer and lighter than traditional playground balls
  • Max grip: Balls have textured surface and can be inflated to varying psi to accommodate hands of all sizes
  • Durable: These balls are tear resistant
  • Storage bag included: Heavy duty mesh carry bag for easy portability and neat storage

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    4. Champion Sports Rhino Skin

    Made for any number of children’s games in gym classes or on the playground, the Champion Sports 7 Inch Rhino Skin Basic Dodgeball Set features a patented Rhino Skin coating, ensuring these tear-resistant balls will withstand rough games and regular use.

  • DURABLE – Coated with patented super tear resistant Rhino Skin grip, these 6 inch balls are able to withstand rough play and regular outdoor use while at school or at home
  • SAFE – These small dodgeballs won’t sting like classic rubber balls, and the new light super grip makes them easy for younger children to throw and catch
  • FOAM CORE – The low-density core prevents big bounces so the Rhino Skin balls stay in the game area, whether that’s a giant gymnasium or a small driveway
  • STORAGE BAG INCLUDED – Heavy duty mesh bag for easy carrying portability and storage

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    5. Champion Sports Rhino Skin

    OUTSIDE OR IN Our Champion Sports dodgeballs are perfect for any number of children’s games, including handball, kickball and four square.

  • DURABLE – Coated with patented Rhino Skin, these 8 inch balls are tear resistant to withstand rough play and regular outdoor use at school or at home with the family
  • FUN FOR ADULTS – A good time for grownups, too, these foam dodge balls are popular sporting goods for an adult recreational league, tournament, summer BBQ or birthday party
  • WON’T STING – These soft and spongy balls easily fly through the air, but the Rhino Skin coating doesn’t sting or leave bruises like large classic rubber balls
  • FOAM CORE – The low-density core prevents big bounces so the ball stays in the game area, whether that’s a big gymnasium, a small driveway or the lawn

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    6. Franklin Sports Playground Balls

  • Durable rubber construction: Made from durable rubber, these balls have an excellent bounce and superior toughness which make them perfect for kickball, dodgeball , or any other playground game
  • Easy grip pattern: The cross hatch pattern etched on the rubber surface makes the balls easy to grip and hold on to, even for smaller hands
  • Carry bag and pump included: These bulk sets come complete with an inflation pump and needle set as well as a convenient mesh carry bag that makes transportation and maintenance a breeze
  • Multicolored: Available in a variety of colors so everyone can have their favorite

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    7. Ifavor123 Multi Color Mini

    6 mini dodge balls.

  • Each ball measure approximately 4 1/2 inches (inflated)
  • This is a great item for teachers, day care professionals, or parents to give to their children during play time!
  • Made out of sturdy textured rubber material, making the mini balls easy to grip, throw and/or bounce around!
  • Mini balls are shipped deflated and come with a hand pump to easily inflate them to a nice bouncy full round size! ***NOTE*** PLEASE FIND HAND PUMP NEEDLE IN HANDLE STORAGE AS PICTURED.***

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    8. Mikasa Official Rubber Dodgeball

    Mikasa Official Rubber Dodgeball – 8.

  • Premium rubber cover (no latex)
  • 8.5″
  • The Package Weight Of The Product Is 13.4 Ounces

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    9. Champion Sports Rhino Playground

    A classic ball for classic games such as kickball and dodgeball, the Champion Sports 8.

  • Nylon-wound for improved durability and shape retention
  • 2-ply cover for a soft exterior
  • 8.5″ diameter
  • Color: Red
  • Ball ships deflated – inflation required (pump not included)

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    10. Voit Playground Ball

    Roll out this Voit 6 inch Playground Ball and let the games begin.

  • Easy to grip and throw and has the right amount of bounce
  • Great for younger kids who are learning ball h and ling skills
  • The PG ball should only be inflated to 0.5 psi

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