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While shopping for your {best_keywrod}, the last thing you want to do is be overwhelmed by all the options and pay through your nose for something you’re not sure of. The most important rule of shopping for a Circuit Breaker Locators products is to know your way around it.

This may take a while, but trust us, we know how important doing your homework about Best Circuit Breaker Locators reviews are before you make a purchase. This is why we’ve made your life simpler by doing the homework for you and made this list of the top 10 Best Circuit Breaker Locators available today.

Our Picked 10 Best Circuit Breaker Locators in 2020

1 1 Klein Tools Et310 Ac
  • 9.0

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2 2 Ideal Industries Ideal 61534
  • 9.0

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3 3 Amprobe Bt120 Circuit Breaker
  • 8.8

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4 4 Southwire Circuit Breaker Finder
  • 8.6

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5 5 Triplett Breaker SniffIt Automatic
  • 8.6

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6 6 Extech Cb10 Circuit Breaker
  • 8.6

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7 7 Zircon Breaker Id Pro
  • 8.0

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8 8 Triplett Fox Hound Hotwire
  • 8.0

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9 9 Kolsol Underground Wire Locator
  • 8.0

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10 10 Casesack Circuit Breaker Finder
  • 7.8

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1. Klein Tools Et310 Ac

Digital Circuit Breaker Finder with GFCI Outlet Tester.

  • Tester consists of two parts: a Transmitter, connected to the electrical outlet or fixture and a Receiver, used to scan the panel to locate the correct breaker
  • Receiver delivers clear visual and audible indications when the correct breaker has been located
  • Operates on 90-120V AC circuits
  • Transmitter incorporates a GFCI outlet tester to inspect the wiring condition at the electrical outlet and test GFCI devices
  • Transmitter docks in the Receiver for convenient storage as a single item when tester is not is use
  • Transmitter incorporates a three-pin plug for connecting to North-American-style grounded electrical outlets
  • The transmitter may be connected to other electrical fixtures using optional accessories which are sold separately (Cat. No. 69411)
  • Receiver powers off automatically after approximately three minutes of non-use to conserve battery life
  • Transmitter is powered by the circuit when connected to the electrical outlet or fixture

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    2. Ideal Industries Ideal 61534

    The task of locating AC circuits is now made quick and easy thanks to IDEAL Electrical.

  • AUTOMATIC CIRCUIT IDENTIFIER: Proper wiring is crucial to ensure safety and performance of branch circuits. From a safety perspective, shock hazards and fires are mainly due to poor installation or failure of protective devices, such as GFCIs.
  • RECEIVER AUTO POWER OFF: If the receiver is left on and not utilized for 10 minutes (no energized AC circuit or transmitter signals are detected), it will automatically shut down to conserve its battery life. Also features low battery detection so that you can ensure your Digital Circuit Breaker Finder is always charged and ready to use. If the battery voltage is below 7.3 volts, the receiver will beep three times and turn itself off.
  • TRUSTED BRANCH CIRCUIT ANALYSIS AND TESTING TOOLS: IDEAL has a long history of providing the professional electrician with the tools and knowledge required to safely and efficiently verify and analyze Branch Circuits. So, whether you are; conducting routine measurements, testing installed devices or the integrity of a Branch Circuit, locating a breaker, or tracing wires, IDEAL has the tools for the job.
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Digital Receiver & GFCI Circuit Tester. Non-contact voltage sensor from 80-300VAC automatically and quickly finds correct breaker. Transmitter works on 120VAC circuits. Tests GFCIs. Verifies wiring configuration.

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    3. Amprobe Bt120 Circuit Breaker

    Amprobe products range from an extensive line of clamp meters and digital multimeters to industry-specific tools for residential/commercial electricians, HVAC/R technicians, utilities and industrial maintenance professionals.

  • Receiver always finds the right breaker – automatic sensitivity adjustment removes ambiguity from the search by indicating the correct breaker with light and sound
  • The red LED indicator on the transmitter verifies that the receptacle is energized before receptacle or wiring maintenance
  • Compatible with standard 90 to 120V AC 50/60Hz breaker system
  • UL listed and complies with European Standard EN61010-1: 2001, Category II 120V

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    4. Southwire Circuit Breaker Finder


  • For use on 120 volt energized circuits
  • Receiver picks up signal to pinpoint correct breaker
  • Advanced design pinpoints single breaker to prevent service interruption
  • Transmitter also tests gfci protected outlets

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    5. Triplett Breaker SniffIt Automatic

    The Triplett Breaker Sniff-It (9650) is a microprocessor-based circuit breaker locator designed for high accuracy results.

  • Fully automatic – no adjustments necessary
  • 120/220 VAC transmitter (250 VAC max)
  • Simple to use with audible and visual indication
  • Does not require a battery and is powered by the outlet, the main unit is powered by a 9-volt battery (not included) for long life and reliability

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    6. Extech Cb10 Circuit Breaker

    Locates the correct circuit breaker or fuse without turning off the power.

  • Transmitter and Receiver snap together for easy storage
  • UL Listed and CE approved
  • Tests GFCI circuits
  • LED indication of 2 test conditions and 5 wiring faults

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    7. Zircon Breaker Id Pro

    The Zircon Breaker ID Pro circuit breaker finder kit is the most complete circuit finding tool kit on the market.

  • Patented technology of this circuit finder eliminates false positives making it quick and efficient to scan, identify, and label all breakers eliminating trial-and-error work
  • Isolate circuits for repair or replacement, or work on specific circuits without interrupting others or accidental shutoffs
  • Circuit breaker identifier is built with automatic sensitivity adjustment, no knobs or dials needed
  • Vital for contractors and electricians alike, this portable kit and its accessories come in a protective metal case making it easy to carry from job to job

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    8. Triplett Fox Hound Hotwire

    The Triplett Fox & Hound HotWire (3388) is a live circuit tracing kit for both 120VAC and 220VAC circuits.

  • The versatile Fox HotWire can generate multiple tones (Pulse or Warble), provides a visual and audible continuity test, and integrates Triplett’s own TrueTrace and TripLatch tests
  • The Hound HotWire is a battery operated handheld lightweight Probe; containing both a thumbwheel sensitivity control and signal strength indicator LED
  • Locate wires through drywall, plaster, wood, cement, etc.
  • Locate buried wires up to 6″ and trace wires up to 1000 feet in length

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    9. Kolsol Underground Wire Locator

  • 📏【How to Use】Easily Locate Pet Fence Wires, Metal Wires, Metal Pipes, Electrical Wires, ect ( only for single-strand wire, or double-strand wire in parallel, not for multistrand wire!!!)
  • 📏【Where You Can Locate】Locate-Determining Which Receptacles are on specific circuits,track-Pinpointing Drill Sites before drilling.
  • 📏【Range of Parameters】Wire tracer range-Up to 3 feet deep and 1000 feet in length.
  • 📏【Tips】Do not use on live circuits to avoid damaging the Tester!This device is mainly to locate non-energized Cable, or low-voltage situation less than 24V .Only for Wires & Cables,Not for Sprinkler Valves!!

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    10. Casesack Circuit Breaker Finder

  • Designed to fit Klein Tools ET300 Circuit Breaker Finder and Southwire Tools & Equipment 60030S Circuit Breaker Finder Adapter/Accessory Kit
  • Mesh accessory pocket to contain more other necessary stuffs
  • Compact size and durable for easy use
  • Easy to go detachable wrist strap

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    Final Words!

    Well, there you have it, folks. These are the top 10 Best Circuit Breaker Locators available today. No product may be perfect, but it may be perfect for you. Surely all of the products are great and buying Best Circuit Breaker Locators is a good investment. But some parameters like price, model, quality and overall use may differ from person to person. Which is why you need to narrow down your choices based on your preferences.

    Making a good choice today means you don’t regret tomorrow. Once you make an informed choice, you needn’t worry about the outcome as you are prepared for any consequence. We have narrowed down some of the best choices of all time. All you have to do is see which is the right fit for you based on your requirements.

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